HiPEDS sponsored PhD Industry Day

IMG_4067 The PhD Industry Day saw approximately 42 students and 28 industrial engineers come today for a day of discussion. This exciting event was introduced by Professor Paul Kelly and led to many engaging and stimulating conversations about “challenges in industry” and student research ideas. Initially attendees all filled in an A3 piece of card with a few short sentences about themselves and their research and “dream internship” or “challenges” as appropriate. These were stuck to the wall and made for informal networking. There were 4 subsequent discussion sessions involving different groupings of industry and students, and lots of lunch discussions as well. The feedback from industry seems to have been extremely positive, and there have already been various follow-up communications.

The event was facilitated by Knowinnovation, who prepared the “dance-cards” and identification labels, as well as looking after the organisation on the day.

A new coding project for schools

As part of their first year MRes group project, HiPEDS students have partnered with Ocado Technology to develop new ways of teaching primary school children basic coding and programming skills.

The full story can be read here.