A number of our partners are offering exciting and enriching internship opportunities for PhD students, including those currently enrolled with HiPEDS. Information about these will be added below when available.


Internship Opportunities at Altera (click for more details):

  • Using high-level synthesis/C to target embedded vision applications to FPGAs
  • Study of FPGA application in future broadcast studio architectures
  • Creation of Designs for Financial Algorithms

Internship Opportunities at Cadence (click for more details):

  • The Genus® Numerics Group focuses on all aspects of mathematical hardware design for Cadence’s Genus division.

Internship Opportunities at Embecosm (click for more details):

  • Security enhancing compilation for use in real environments

Internship Opportunities at J.P. Morgan (click for more details):

  • Massively-parallel machine learning for trade data analytics

Internship Opportunities at Aspara (click for more details):

  • Mobile apps / cloud service development for ASPARA, a smart veggie grower