Our students have created several videos with Amyric Films that show some of the exciting areas of research that they are involved in. We hope you’ll find them interesting!


Charlie Houseago teaches us about one of the most powerful tools available for computer vision: the convolutional filter.


Ali Hadian describes the challenges around how to work with big data so that it can be searched quickly.


Michael Akintunde describes the importance of verification of automated systems and how researchers are attempting to achieve this verification.


Luca Castiglione discusses attacks on cyber physical systems, i.e. systems that interact with their surrounding environment. For example, a train network. How can we detect and defend against these attacks?


Most people find it quite easy to figure out who is talking, and when, just through hearing. However, computers find this very difficult. Aiden Hogg takes us through how computers do this now, and how his research makes allows computers to do this more easily.