Nicolas Moser’s Three Minute Thesis

Wednesday 5th April saw the finals of the Imperial 3 minute thesis competition. PhD students nominated from departments across the College were invited to the final competition. The format is that each student is briefly introduced by the chair person. They then have up to 3 minutes to deliver a pitch about their research. They… Read more »

CDTs PPAR and HiPEDS Joint Industry Event 10/11/2016

The two CDTs PPAR (Pervasive Paralellism) at Edinburgh and HiPEDS jointly organised an Industry Event at Edinburgh for partners and students on November 10th 2016. (See http://pervasiveparallelism.inf.ed.ac.uk/industrial-engagement-event_2016/ for more details.) Eleven HiPEDS students travelled to Edinburgh for the day-long event. The varied timetable included 1.5-minute and 1-slide research briefings by 27 PPAR and HiPEDS students,… Read more »

Protocopier Group Project

Protocopier is a group project within HiPEDS, developed by PhD students who started in October 2016, with support from Dyson Limited, and the Dyson School of Design Engineering. Full details can be found on their group project site.

HiPEDS Summer Outreach

Throughout summer 2016 a number of staff and students from HiPEDS took part in various College-wide outreach activities. Dr Alastair Donaldson, Senior Lecturer in Computing and Leader of the Multicore Programming research group, gave a new lecture ‘What Makes Software Go Wrong’ to the following audiences: IET Children’s Engineering Lecture: What Makes Software Go Wrong? Y11… Read more »

HiPEDS Staff Engagement with Teachers

As part of ongoing work with teachers to assist and develop Maths, Computing and Engineering in schools the Outreach Team have recently begun running a series of Teacher Focus Groups to collaborate and gain feedback on new programme ideas. Luke Bacon, Physical Sciences and Engineering Outreach Programmes Manager and Faculty Outreach Champion, Prof George Constantinides, speaking… Read more »

Creativity Sandpit with Edinburgh and Oxford

Imperial HiPEDS, Edinburgh PPAR, Oxford AIMS April 26th – 28th 2016 Eastpark Conference Centre, Bracknell   At the end of April 27 PhD students from three CDTS based at Imperial, Edinburgh and Oxford participated in a two-day creativity sandpit.  We were very fortunate to welcome to the event three industry engineers, Walt Aldred,  Research Director… Read more »

HPCC Student Competition

The Data Science Institute at Imperial College London in partnership with  HPCC Systems® announces a new competition for integrating Google’s recently open-sourced TensorFlow™ library with HPCC’s open source big data platform HPCC Systems®. For more details on the competition (for which the prize includes PhD scholarship in the HiPEDS CDT), visit this website.

HiPEDS sponsored PhD Industry Day

The PhD Industry Day saw approximately 42 students and 28 industrial engineers come today for a day of discussion. This exciting event was introduced by Professor Paul Kelly and led to many engaging and stimulating conversations about “challenges in industry” and student research ideas. Initially attendees all filled in an A3 piece of card with… Read more »

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