HiPEDS is an integrated Centre for Doctoral Training, supported by EPSRC, Imperial College and industrial partners. 

We are looking for the best, brightest, most enthusiastic and talented graduates to join our HiPEDS PhD programme. The opportunity is to do leading-edge research in a rich, lively environment – working with a team of fellow students unified by a desire to create technologies to change the world. In 2014 we launched a new doctoral programme that combines the unique, world-class strengths of Imperial’s Departments of Computing, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

The focus is High Performance Embedded and Distributed Systems. This has huge breadth, offering research opportunities ranging from implantable smart sensors to secure cloud service providers, and all points in between. We tackle the technologies and underlying theory that provide the keys to open up new applications, new products, new industries, new businesses, and new solutions to the problems of society.

The HiPEDS CDT programme is not a standard PhD programme. Throughout the 4 years there is considerable emphasis upon multidisciplinary and transferrable skills, through various centre activities beyond the individual PhD research project. The first year of the CDT programme consists of various research training activities, carried out alongside initial PhD work.

For past and future Outreach events and activities please see our Outreach and Events pages respectively.

Research Topics (for more details see Research Descriptions)

This EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training aims to produce a new generation of leaders with a systems perspective who can transform research and industry involving such systems. The Centre provides a structured and vibrant training programme, enabling our graduates to be capable of integrating and innovating across multiple layers of the system development stack, to maximise the impact of their research, and to acquire creativity, communication, and entrepreneurial skills.


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