Useful CDT Programme information


Funding for travel and conferences

Prior to travel the HiPEDS CDT Travel Funding form should be completed, please ensure your supervisor has approved and signed the form before returning it to James Targett for approval. Either by email or in room 454.

Claimable conference expenses are as follows:


  • Air travel should be economy class only
  • Public transport journeys, i.e. those made via rail, bus underground etc. can be claimed when supported with receipts, again economy class travel options should be used
  • Taxi journeys will only be reimbursed on reasonable grounds
  • The most economical method of travel should be chosen


  • Conference hotels can be expensive, to attempt to reduce costs consider more hotels, or share a room with others if possible


  • You will need to provide receipts for each meal in order to be reimbursed


  • Conference registration fee
  • Visa application fee

Items you cannot claim for:

Travel insurance

The College’s travel insurance policy covers students of the College whilst abroad on College business, i.e. for visits to overseas universities and other academic institutions, attendance at scholarly conferences and research meetings, visits to overseas laboratories and industrial plants in connection with College research projects or teaching duties, field trips and sporting visits as representatives of the College.

Finance forms and reimbursement

Please remember to keep your receipts to make an expense claim or to account for an advance claim.

To process your reimbursement please submit your approved travel funding form, receipts and completed Expense claim form to the Finance Officer in room 436 Huxley.

In the event that an advance claim is required, it is possible to do so for travel to conferences, meetings and field trips by completing and submitting an Advance claim form after the travel funding form has been approved.  After the trip, related expenses should be submitted via the Expense Claim Form.

Other useful information for Research Students