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I am Professor in Machine Learning for Imaging co-leading the Biomedical Image Analysis Group. I lead the HeartFlow-Imperial Research Team and I am also Head of ML Research at Kheiron Medical Technologies.

My research is at the intersection of medical imaging and artificial intelligence aiming to build safe and ethical computational tools for improving image-based detection and diagnosis of disease.

Deep Tech: Driving the Digital Transition – Medical Technologies

Opinion piece
In AI development, equality starts with a mandate for fairness and inclusivity

Bernhardt, Jones, Glocker (2022) Potential sources of dataset bias complicate investigation of underdiagnosis by machine learning algorithms

Research article
Bernhardt et al. (2022) Active label cleaning for improved dataset quality under resource constraints

Research article
Sinclair et al. (2022) Atlas-ISTN: Joint segmentation, registration and atlas construction with image-and-spatial transformer networks

Research article
Castro et al. (2020) Causality Matters in Medical Imaging

Research paper
Pawlowski et al. (2020) Deep Structural Causal Models for Tractable Counterfactual Inference

Research article
Monteiro & Newcombe et al. (2020) Multi-class semantic segmentation and quantification of traumatic brain injury lesions on head CT using deep learning

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