Wednesday 5th April saw the finals of the Imperial 3 minute thesis competition. PhD students nominated from departments across the College were invited to the final competition. The format is that each student is briefly introduced by the chair person. They then have up to 3 minutes to deliver a pitch about their research. They have no notes, one slide (which is behind them) and a massive clock that ticks down the three minutes.

The College webpage for this year’s competition contains links to watch some of the talks, and I’m sure you’ll agree they’re all very good.  HiPEDS CDT nominated Nicolas Moser, a third year research student of HiPEDS based in Electrical and Electronic Engineeringt, and we were delighted when he was awarded third place, and also won the “people’s choice” award. Congratulations Nicolas! You can see Nicolas’s pitch either from the website above, or here:

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