The Social Computing Group is no longer active at the current time, however, this site has been retained for reference purposes.

Information on past projects can also be found on the London e-Science Centre Webpage

The Imperial College Internet Centre was created in 2005 to develop the applications and industries of the next-generation Internet. The Centre continues and expands the mission of the London e-Science Centre. The Centre is part of the Imperial College Department of Computing, one of the largest computing departments in the UK and a world leader in academic research in computer science.

The Internet will clearly continue to grow in importance and complexity as an economic and social arena. To meet this challenge, the Centre promotes a research agenda in which the economic, social and legal dimensions of the next-generation Internet are equal partners with computing and technology.

 The Internet Centre also works closely with leading commercial and academic stakeholders in the next-generation Internet, such as Vodafone, the BBC, and the London Science Museum.
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