Life Sciences and Medical Computing

The Internet Centre has a strong record of collaboration with Life Sciences and with the Faculty of Medicine. The Centre has worked closely with Professor Sternberg and Dr. Butcher of the Bioinformatics Centre and the Bioinformatics Support Service. The Internet Centre provides HPC facilities for the Bioinformatics Support Service and currently collaborates on several projects including:

  • BBSRC: Microarray Management
  • BBSRC: Short Courses in High-throughput Bioinformatics
  • BBSRC: Sequencing the Blumeria Graminis Genome
  • BBSRC & EPSRC: Systems Biology Centre

In the Faculty of Medicine the Internet Centre provides HPC support to a number of groups, including the Microarray Centre. It is also a partner in the following projects:

  • MRC: VOTES. Virtual Organisations for Trials and Epidemiological Studies.
  • MRC: Neuro Grid. Neural Imaging Grid.
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