Mobile Services

Mobile services, that is services available to individuals away from fixed office or home locations, are potentially a rich source of Internet applications. There is more context available; where people are going, why and by which mode of transport, and greater scope for assistance and replanning when circumstances change. The Internet Centre has a long history of rewarding collaboration with Professor Polak and the Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial. Recently this activity has been strengthened by the involvement of Professor Kin Leung, who holds the Tanaka Chair in Internet Technology and is a world-leader in communication networks and technologies. These relationships have enabled the Internet Centre to build up a strong portfolio of mobile or transport related projects. Many of these projects are also collaborative with Transport for London. These projects currently comprise  (IC – Internet Centre, TC – Tanaka Chair, CTS – Centre for Transport Studies, TfL – Transport for London):

  • EPSRC & DfT e-Science Pilot Project: MESSAGE (CTS, TC, IC, TfL). Mobile Environmental Sensor Grids
  • DTI Technology Programme: VORTIX (IC, TfL). Visualisation and Passenger Assistance  at Transport Interchanges
  • Transport for London: Real Time Information Demonstrator: London Locality Map (IC, TfL), Multi-dimensional Generalised Locality Service Information
  • EPSRC, DfT & DTI FITS: FREEFLOW (CTS, IC, TC). Next-generation Transport Information Services
  • ESRC & DfT: Transport Research Centre (currently shortlisted on a shortlist of one) (CTS, IC).
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