Science Grids

From the start of the UK e-Science programme the London e-Science Centre and the Internet Centre have worked very closely with the High Energy Physics (HEP) group led by Professor Dornan and Dr Colling in the Department of Physics. This work has contributed to the development of Grid infrastructures and middleware to support the CERN Large Hadron Collider experiments. The Internet Centre contributes considerable HPC resources to the London Tier-2 node of the Large Hadron Collider Grid (LCG) and serves on the London Tier-2 management committee. The Centre is currently working with the HEP group in the GridPP and EGEE projects that are building and operating the LCG infrastructure and is also a partner in the EU GridCC project that is developing an infrastructure to support the real-time control of instruments and experiments over the Grid or Internet.

As well as contributing to the LCG, the Internet Centre’s HPC Facilities are now also now shared with the UK National Grid Service (NGS).

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