Dr Jeremy Cohen

Research Associate

Room 302, Huxley

South Kensington Campus

Jeremy’s research focuses on developing solutions to support the deployment and use of scientific High Performance Computing (HPC) software across a range of different types of computing platforms. He is currently working with the EPSRC-funded libhpc project to develop a high-level functional interface for specifying scientific applications and efficiently mapping these applications onto computing platforms such as clusters and clouds.

His other research interests include:

* Mobile sensor networks

* Large-scale distributed data management

* Embedded systems


Other recent projects that Jeremy has been involved in include RAPPORT (http://cloudresearch.jiscinvolve.org/wp/2011/03/08/rapport-robust-application-porting-for-hpc-in-the-cloud/), a JISC/EPSRC pilot project that looked at the practicalities of deploying applications from a set of different scientific domains on cloud computing infrastructure, and MESSAGE (http://bioinf.ncl.ac.uk/message/), an EPSRC/DfT project developing a deployment of wireless static and mobile environmental sensors and the supporting infrastructure to capture and process their data.

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