Internet Markets

As described previously, work stemming from the e-Science project: “A Market for Computational Services”, is central to the Internet Centre’s activities and plans. This work is being continued in the PpUSoft spin-out and in an EU project, GridEcon, that is exploring the NGI’s markets and economics.

Led by Jeremy Cohen and Dr. Richardson, the Internet Centre is also developing a relationship with the Singapore Management University, the Singapore National Grid Office and the Sun Asia Pacific Science and Technology Center. Jointly we are developing a proposal under the British Council UK/Singapore e-Science Collaboration scheme to address issues of Grid economics and markets.

The Centre is also a partner in two Grid-market oriented EPSRC projects in the Department of Computing: Grid Market Simulation and Grid-enabled Performance Analysis using Stochastic Logics (GRAIL) led by Professor Harrison and Dr. Knottenbelt respectively.

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