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[News Archive] November 2011: Our group had a great ICCV in Barcelona

November 2011: Our group had a great ICCV in Barcelona, with a lot of interest in the papers we presented on DTAM and Double Window Optimisation (see the Publications and Videos tabs for more info!). Also the workshop on Live Dense Reconstruction with Moving Cameras organised by Richard Newcombe, Andrew Davison and George Vogiatzis was… Read more »

[News Archive] October 2011: Some updates

October 2011: Some updates: well done to Steve and Gerardo who have both just submitted their PhD theses and are awaiting their vivas; Renato just returned from a very interesting summer internship with his sponsors AMD in Austin; and we welcome new PhD student Jan Jachnik, a recent graduate from Imperial’s Mathematics Department.

[News Archive] September 2011: farewell to Adrien Angeli

September 2011: We just said farewell to Adrien Angeli who left the lab to return to Corsica and work in a start-up company there after three years as a post-doc in the group. We marked the sad occasion of his leaving with an excellent Korean meal and a rapidly-becoming-a-tradition karaoke session. We’ll miss him and… Read more »

[News Archive] December 2010

December 2010: I am transferring more content to our Robot Vision Research Group Webpage, including now a full set of downloadable publications and most recently a videos page where there is a link to the imperialrobotvision channel on youtube.

[News Archive] November 2010: Dyson

November 2010: Dyson, with whom I’ve been working recently on robotics and vision applications, are still expanding their robotics team and are looking for another Robotics System Engineer and also a Robotics Software Engineer, a to work at their R&D centre in Malmesbury, UK. Ideally the Robotics System Engineer will be someone with post-graduate level… Read more »

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