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[News Archive] June 2007: Some new results published at RSS 2007

June 2007: Some new results published at RSS 2007 on extending the range of monocular SLAM using a hierarchical submapping approach, in collaboration with Laura Clemente, José Neira and Mingo Tardós from the University of Zaragoza and Ian Reid from Oxford. High quality submaps containing around 100 features are built using MonoSLAM with inverse depth… Read more »

[News Archive] June 2007: Dimensionless Monocular SLAM

June 2007: Javier Civera, J. M. M. Montiel (University of Zaragoza) and I have been working on Dimensionless Monocular SLAM: a formulation of MonoSLAM which uses only dimensionless quantities and makes explicit the fact that a single camera builds maps with undetermined scale. In this formulation, the previous metric tuning parameters of Inverse Depth MonoSLAM… Read more »

[News Archive] November 2006

November 2006: Excuse me for slipping into blog mode temporarily, but are superhuman AI and the technological singularity really coming in the near future (i.e. the next 20–30 years)? As I see the incredible recent progress in computer processing power, computer vision algorithms, search engines, miniaturisation, nanotechnology and so on it seems more and more… Read more »

[News Archive] August 2006: I co-organised the SLAM Summer School 2006

August 2006: I co-organised the SLAM Summer School 2006, held in Oxford, together with Paul Newman. This was a big success with more than 60 PhD students from around the world attending and a great group of invited lecturers. See the website for more information — full lecture and practical resources and photos from the… Read more »

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