Contact: Dr Alessandra Russo

Ale1-224x300My research interests are in the areas of Symbolic and Probabilistic Rule-based Learning, Distributed Inference, Intelligent Adaptive Systems, Distributed Control Systems and System Biology.  I have been involved in a number of research projects and the focus of my research has been on the development of frameworks, algorithms, and effective and scalable systems for engineering structured and probabilistic knowledge. This is in order to address a variety of challenges present in modeling complex system behaviours and in developing automated methods for run-time adaptation. I have a number of research projects for potential research students. In particular, I am interested in new solutions for cognitive-driven distributed system adaptation and self-configuration, based on declarative distributed computing methods, and aimed at improving correctness, performance and utilization of resources. Application domains include large-scale collaborative adaptive systems, intelligent distributed monitoring and control systems and distributed mobile systems.  Further information on my research and the projects I am involved in can be found at