in collaboration with Corerain Technologies

This PhD project builds on two exciting research advances. The first concerns custom computing platforms for high-performance Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. The second concerns computing at the edge of networks, including the Internet-of-Things, which operates under severe constraints in space, power consumption and performance.

The goal of the project is to explore next-generation intelligent edge computing systems by combining the above two advances. It addresses the following topics.

  1. Algorithms suitable for network edge applications, such as those providing efficient processing of sensor data.
  2. Custom computing architectures that meet requirements in space, power consumption, performance and so on.
  3. Optimisation methods and tools that adaptively optimise custom computing designs based on edge application requirements, system status, and edge environment.

The project will involve research collaboration with Corerain Technologies, which is sponsoring a PhD scholarship. Those who wish to be considered for the PhD scholarship should send Professor Wayne Luk ( their CV and a one-page summary of their experience and their research interests, explaining their relevance to the project described above, preferably by 30 April, 2018. Informal enquiries about the proposed project can be sent to Professor Luk.

To make an application, please visit our How to Apply page.