A number of our partners are offering exciting PhD research opportunities for new students. Information about these are below. New scholarships will be added when available. Information about making an application is on the How to Apply page.

Currently available:

Intelligent Edge Computing, in collaboration with Corerain Technologies (click for more details)

This PhD project builds on two exciting research advances. The first concerns custom computing platforms for high-performance Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. The second concerns computing at the edge of networks, including the Internet-of-Things, which operates under severe constraints in space, power consumption and performance.

Custom Machine Learning for Image Analysis, in collaboration with State Key Laboratory of Space-Ground Integrated Information Technology (click for more details)

The proliferation of satellite imagery provides an opportunity for radically improved understanding of our planet. It enables, for example, effective mobilisation of resources during disasters in monitoring effects of global warming. One major limitation is that the analysis of such images relies on labelling features of objects, such as buildings and roadways, by hand or by semi-automated methods with low labelling accuracy.

Partitioning for heterogeneous parallel system, in collaboration with Mathworks (click for more details)

This PhD project is centred around the design and implementation of automated compilation tools from high level domain-oriented programming models, generating low level code for accelerator devices, tackling research problems related to performance portability, optimising for multiple resource-related objectives, and demonstrating reliability via automated verification and testing.

Real-time nonlinear dynamic optimization, in collaboration with Mathworks (click for more details)

The goal of this project is to allow engineers to develop models in graphical programming languages to solve dynamic optimization problems for control and estimation in real-time, with similar computational performance as with models that have been developed in a text-based language.

Supporting human insight with AI in urban master plan design space exploration, in collaboration with Arup (click for more details)

The goal of this project is to develop novel tool support for tackling architectural design problems, focusing initially on urban masterplanning. The key challenge is not outright automation or optimisation, but rather supporting humans in deriving insight, particularly to understand the most profitable and flexible parts of the design space.

Currently unavailable:

Enhancing Cloud-Scale Acceleration Architecture, in collaboration with Microsoft Research (click for more details)

An exciting development in cloud computing is the Cloud-Scale Acceleration Architecture by Microsoft, which is upgrading its servers in data centers worldwide with field-programmable devices.

Optimising Big Data Calculation of Key Customer Metrics through Specialised Processing, in collaboration with dunnhumby (click for more details)

We are pleased to co-fund a PhD scholarship with Imperial College in this research area. The successful applicant will collaborate closely with dunnhumby’s computer science team, who are based in our Hammersmith headquarters in London.