2011 (3)

  • Stefan Leutenegger, Margarita Chli, Roland Yves Siegwart, BRISK: Binary robust invariant scalable keypoints, Computer Vision (ICCV), 2011 IEEE International Conference on, pp.2548–2555, 2011
  • Stefan Leutenegger, Mathieu Jabas, Roland Y Siegwart, Solar airplane conceptual design and performance estimation, Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, volume 61, pp.545–561, 2011
  • P'eter Fankhauser, Samir Bouabdallah, Stefan Leutenegger, Roland Siegwart, Modeling and decoupling control of the coax micro helicopter, Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2011 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on, pp.2223–2228, 2011

2008 (1)

  • Christian Bermes, Stefan Leutenegger, Samir Bouabdallah, Dario Schafroth, Roland Siegwart, New design of the steering mechanism for a mini coaxial helicopter, Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2008. IROS 2008. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on, pp.1236–1241, 2008

2007 (1)

  • Dominik J Bell, S Leutenegger, KM Hammar, LX Dong, Bradley J Nelson, Flagella-like propulsion for microrobots using a nanocoil and a rotating electromagnetic field, Robotics and Automation, 2007 IEEE International Conference on, pp.1128–1133, 2007
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