I enjoy teaching at the interface of computer science, mathematics, and engineering. Computational optimisation courses are my favourite; I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to do a research with project me take 60016 Operations Research and 70007 Computational Optimisation.

60016 Operations Research 2016 –

Imperial College London

Course Leader Joint with Dr Giuliano Casale (2016 – 2019) and Dr Dario Paccagnan (2021 – ). Nominated for 2017 Best Teaching for Undergraduates and finalist for 2018 Best Teaching for Postgraduates from the Imperial Student Academic Choice Awards.

70007 Computational Optimisation 2014 –

Imperial College London

Course Leader Joint with Dr Panos Parpas. Shortlisted for 2016 Best Innovation in Teaching from the Imperial Student Academic Choice Awards. 70007 was formerly called Computing for Optimal Decisions.

Advanced Optimisation Short Course 2015 – 2017

Imperial College London

Lecturer Lead the Global Optimisation module of the Sargent Centre for Process Systems Engineering Short Course for Industry Professionals.

Beginning Algebra 2010 – 2012

Albert C. Wagner Youth Correctional Facility

Volunteer Instructor Team teach Mercer County Community College MAT 033 (Summer 2011; Spring 2012) & MAT 037 (Fall 2010; Spring 2011; Fall 2011) for the Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative. Responsibilities include lecturing, developing course materials, supervising worksheet sessions, and grading.

Design, Synthesis, & Optimization of Chemical Processes 2009

Princeton University

Assistant in Instruction Assisted students in modelling the conversion biomass & coal to gasoline for the capstone undergraduate Chemical Engineering process design course. Led tutorials covering Aspen & GAMS software. Received Excellence in Teaching Award from the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences.

Chemical & Biological Engineering Laboratory 2007


Teaching Assistant Advised a team of students in modelling a biological reactor using computational fluid dynamics with the software package FLUENT.

Introduction to Chemical Engineering 2004 & 2005


Grader Reviewed student problem sets.