I am an academic in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. My research focuses on quality-of-service and resource management in software systems and services.

Prospective PhD/post-doc applicants: I am willing to supervise new students with an interest for applications of modelling and AI/ML to distributed software systems, in particular for QoS management. Most PhD projects I offer involve techniques such as AI/ML-based classification, inference and regression, stochastic workloads, system modelling, computational optimization, reinforcement learning, Markov processes, and queueing analysis.

My team offers a lively and friendly environment to carry out postgraduate studies. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss opportunities or alternatively apply directly for PhD indicating me as a potential PhD supervisor.

Departmental PhD scholarships are available for prospective PhD students, check out the application deadlines. I am also interested to sponsor prospective applicants for Marie-Curie actionsEPSRC postdoctoral fellowships, and the Imperial College Research Fellowship.

Projects: My ongoing and recent projects are in the area of software engineering for cloud applications, with a focus both on system design (e.g., architectural optimization) and resource management (e.g., autoscaling, load-balancing). I am currently coordinating RADON (2019-21), a large collaborative project on serverless computing and Function-as-a-Service (FaaS). I also co-maintain a number of modelling tools for queueing theory and Markov processes, such as JMT, LINE, and KPC-Toolbox.

Teaching: I teach three courses at Bachelor and Master’s levels: C343 Operations research, C337 Simulation and modelling, and C339 Performance engineering.

PhD admissions: for general inquiries related to PhD admissions in our department, please contact the PhD programme administrator, Dr Amani El-Kholy.

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