Community Service

Participated as a panelist in a Women in Operations Research event at EURO 2021. Here is the video:

Newton International Research Fellow Dr Jan Kronqvist was selected to present his research as part of the 2021 STEM for Britain competition. Here is his video:

PhD students Miten Mistry and Simon Olofsson were selected to present their research in Parliament as part of the 2019 STEM for Britain competition. A news article discussing their achievements is here.

Appear in a video for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (2019):

Speed mentoring event for at the Twitter London office (2018)

Appear in a video for the Royal Academy of Engineering (2017):

Voice of the Future pose questions to Ministers and scientific advisers in London Parliament (03/2016)

Panel Discussion Chair at the 1st ACM-W UK Inspire 2015 Celebration of Women in Computing (10/2015)

Lecture at the Imperial Engineering Summer School (07/2015)

Help showcase the Royal Academy of Engineering research activities (2015):

Imperial Festival 2013 & 2015; Public Tours

Poster created for Imperial Festival 2013 in collaboration with BSEL; our booth was based on the Panoskaltsis et al. (2012) bioreactor and the project Bioprocess Optimisation for Stem Cell Tissue Engineering:


Prison Teaching Initiative (2010 – 2012)

Teach Beginning Algebra at ACW Youth Correctional Facility (PTI)

MIT Educational Counsellor (2007 – 2012)

Interview prospective MIT students

Co-facilitor and program participant at MIT LeaderShape (2006 – 2007)