Current Research Team

Work with us! We encourage prospective PhD candidates, MSc and undergraduate students, and postdoctoral associates interested in our research to contact Dr Ruth Misener; please include a CV and a brief statement of interest.

Postdoctoral Research Associates

PhD Students

  • Jose Pablo Folch, 2020 –
    • Funded by the EPSRC CDT StatML & BASF
    • Co-Supervisor with Dr Mark van der Wilk
  • James Odgers, 2020 –
    • Funded by the EPSRC / Eli Lilly Prosperity Partnership
    • Co-Supervisor with Dr S Filippi (Department of Mathematics)
  • Shiqiang Zhang, 2021 –
    • Funded by an Hans Rausing Scholarship
  • Toby Boyne, 2023 –
    • Funded by the EPSRC CDT StatML & BASF

Masters & Final Year UG Project Students