Code of Ethics

Proud to announce the official launch of the Young Scientists’ universal Code of Ethics for Researchers. May the Code be a valuable guide on your journey to scientific discoveries!

Medical Imaging meets NIPS 2017

We held a successful workshop on Medical Imaging meets NIPS in Long Beach, USA. Recorded invited talks can be found on the workshop website.

World Economic Forum 2016

I had the great pleasure to speak at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, China. A more detailed news item can be found on Imperial’s website and in the latest Imperial podcast.

Demo at Imperial Festival 2016

We had great fun at Imperial Festival 2016 demonstrating joint work with Phil Noonan from Imanova on head tracking for motion compensation in medical imaging.

NVIDIA Global Impact Award Finalists

We are very excited to be placed among five finalists for the 2016 NVIDIA Global Impact Award with our work on Deep Learning for Brain Lesion Segmentation. The credit goes to PhD student Konstantinos Kamnitsas. More details about the work can be found here.

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