I am very fortunate to work closely with the following people, and many others in the BioMedIA group and within and outside Imperial.

Konstantinos Kamnitsas
Research Assistant
Daniel Coelho De Castro
PhD Student
Rob Robinson
PhD Student
Nick Pawlowski
PhD Student
Ian Walker
PhD Student
Sebastian Popescu
PhD Student
Zeju Li
PhD Student
Karl Hahn
HeartFlow PhD Student
Miguel Monteiro
Research Assistant / PhD Student
Loic Le Folgoc
Research Associate
Qi Dou
Research Associate
James Batten
PhD Student
Bernardo Marques
Research Engineer
Margherita Rosnati
PhD Student
Stefan Winzeck
Research Associate
Andreas Schuh
HeartFlow Research Scientist


Matthew Lee
Ozan Oktay
Vanya Valindria
Steven McDonagh
Enzo Ferrante
Fahdi Kanavati
Phil Noonan
Jiefei Ma
Christian Ledig