Keynote at CHIL 2023
Keynote at MIUA 2021
Keynote at MIUA 2021
Imperial’s Department of Computing Public Lecture Series – Spot the Lesion
Keynote at MICCAI Workshop on Domain Adaptation and Representation Transfer
European Congress of Radiology 2020
Boston Learning in Medical Image Analysis Seminar 
IPAM Workshop: Deep Learning and Medical Applications
Horizon Europe: New Parliament, new Commission, new agenda
Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit 2018
ISMRM 2018: Deep Learning for MR Image Analysis
ECR 2018: Artificial intelligence: a strategic view
ECR 2018: Artificial intelligence and radiology: a perfect match?
Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit 2017
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016
Medical Imaging Summer School 2016
MICCAI 2016: Correction of Fat-Water Swaps in Dixon MRI
3rd Biomedical Image Analysis Summer School 2015