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[News Archive] September 2011: farewell to Adrien Angeli

September 2011: We just said farewell to Adrien Angeli who left the lab to return to Corsica and work in a start-up company there after three years as a post-doc in the group. We marked the sad occasion of his leaving with an excellent Korean meal and a rapidly-becoming-a-tradition karaoke session. We’ll miss him and… Read more »

[News Archive] December 2010

December 2010: I am transferring more content to our Robot Vision Research Group Webpage, including now a full set of downloadable publications and most recently a videos page where there is a link to the imperialrobotvision channel on youtube.

[News Archive] November 2010: Dyson

November 2010: Dyson, with whom I’ve been working recently on robotics and vision applications, are still expanding their robotics team and are looking for another Robotics System Engineer and also a Robotics Software Engineer, a to work at their R&D centre in Malmesbury, UK. Ideally the Robotics System Engineer will be someone with post-graduate level… Read more »

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