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[News Archive] February 2010

February 2010: I only just realised that this is online… a talk I gave when I visited Microsoft Research in Redmond in September 2008.

[News Archive] February 2010: Real-Time Monocular SLAM: Why Filter?

February 2010: A new paper in collaboration with Hauke Strasdat and J. M. M. Montiel has been accepted for publication at ICRA 2010, and will be presented in one of the prestigious “50 Years of Robotics” special sessions. We think that this is important work which makes a rigorous analysis of the relative merits of… Read more »

[News Archive] November 2009: CVPR 2010

November 2009: I am very proud that thanks to a lot of hard work, my group managed to submit a fat sheaf of nice papers to CVPR 2010. Fingers crossed for some good reviews come February…

[News Archive] November 2009

November 2009: I’ve been thinking a lot over the last couple of years, and discussed with my group and others, that there seems to be a set of common `Quality’ principles and methods behind any algorithms in computer vision and robotics that really seem to work. I have tried to write down an initial idea… Read more »

[News Archive] May 2009: ICRA 2009

May 2009: Margarita Chli presented our paper on using image-based mutual information measures to infer the correlation structure of visual maps at ICRA 2009 in Kobe, and Javier Civera presented work on sequential camera self-calibration. See the movies and papers below. AVI AVI Automatically and Efficiently Inferring the Hierarchical Structure of Visual Maps (PDF format),… Read more »

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