We build on significant technological expertise resulting from our leading research and our strong industrial engagement.

PhD Scholarships and Internships

A number of our partners are currently offering internship opportunities

An iCASE PhD Scholarship award is available with Dyson, project title A Tightly Integrated System Processing Architecture for Next Generation Robotics


The HiPEDS CDT has a Doctoral Mentoring Scheme that enables its students to obtain informal advice from an industrial mentor.  The advice can be technical, pastoral or career orientated and would typically not exceed an hour of contact time per month (either in person or by phone).

An industrial mentor can be someone who has supervised a student during an internship and hoped to continue contact with them; someone who wants to find a suitable student for intern opportunities, or someone who wishes to offer advice based on their experience.

Further information with regards to participating in the HiPEDS CDT Doctoral Mentoring Scheme can be obtained by contacting the CDT Manager

Examples of our engagements are: