Professor Wayne Luk

CDT Director

Professor George Constantinides

CDT Deputy Director

Professor Paul Kelly

Director of Industrial Liaison

Dr Krysia Broda

Cohort Mentor DoC

Dr Eric Kerrigan

Cohort Mentor EEE

Dr Thomas Heinis

Cohort Mentor DoC

Dr Pantelis Georgiou

Cohort Mentor EEE

2014 Student Cohort

2014 Student Cohort

James Stanley Targett

CDT Manager


Professor Eric Yeatman

Head of Department – Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

2015 Student Cohort

Professor Michael Huth

Head of Department – Computing (DoC)

Professor Philip Leong

Chair of Advisory Board

2016 Student Cohort


Professor Christofer Toumazou

Honorary Chair of Advisory Board