I collaborate with industrial partners and various international academics, as part of my current research projects, and as part of my established long term  collaborative research activities.

External Academic Collaborators

  • Professor Jorge Lobo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain), co-investigator in the ITA project and collaborator in the area of network and security management, declarative networking and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Professor Bashar Nuseibeh (Open University UK), principal investigator on the Privacy Dynamic project. I’m currently collaborating on intelligent, knowledge-based solutions for  privacy dynamics in software engineering. We have a long standing research collaboration on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Computational logic to Software Engineering.
  • Professor Tony Kakas (University of Cyprus). I have a long standing collaboration in the development of systems for abductive reasoning and its application to logic-based modelling of system biology networks.
  • Professor Ken Satoh (National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan). Through a long standing Memorandum of Understanding agreement between Imperial College and NII, we have been collaborating on the development of new systems for speculative reasoning, and novel frameworks for the analysis and revision of normative models in multi-agent systems through symbolic learning.
  • Professor Rob Krams (BioEngineering, Imperial College). Experts in combining engineering techniques and genomics to study  vascular biology of vessel walls, we are currently co-supervising a PhD student and collaborating on logic-based modelling of gene regulatory networks.
  • Dr Artur d’Avila Garcez (City University, London), expert in  neuro-symbolic computation. He is a long standing collaborator in the area of symbolic learning and application of hybrid symbolic learning and artificial neural network systems to various real-world problems.
  • Dr Luke Dickens (University College London), lecturer  in the Department of Information Studies (DIS). His research expertise is in machine learning, crowd-sourcing and -sensing, information flow, information theory and systems neuroscience.
  • Dr Robert Miller (University College London), expert in Event Calculus and reasoning about actions. He is a long standing collaborator in the area of event-based modelling and knowledge representation.
  • Dr Arosha Bandara (Open University, UK). We have been collaborating through various research projects in the area of self-managing adaptive systems, knowledge-based inference for refinement of functional requirements into self-maneging and adaptive policy rules.
  • Professor Mark Levine (University of Exeter), expert in socio-psycology. We have been collaborating, as part of the recently funded Privacy Dynamic EPSRC project, on the modelling of social identity and its role in self-adaptive privacy solutions for mobile devices.

External Industrial Collaborators