Vacancies & Studentships

PostDoc position in SLAM for Aerial Robotics

For a collaborative EPSRC-funded project on Aerial Manufacturing, we are looking for a Research Associate in the field of SLAM for aerial robotics. We are tackling the challenge of using swarms of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to build structure, carry out repairs, etc. The core research to be carried out will be centred on real-time on-board… Read more »

Looking for Post-Docs

We are currently looking for post-docs in the broader context of robot vision. Please find details here.

Apply Now: Two Fully Funded PhD Studentships

Real-Time Vision-Based Robot Localisation, Mapping, Scene Understanding and Interaction The recently launched Dyson Robotics Lab at Imperial College is committed to pursuing cutting-edge research in the field of mobile robotics. Main related challenges comprise real-time computer vision for localisation, mapping and scene understanding – primary components of future robots for the home and beyond. The… Read more »

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