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Paper accepted in EJOR

The paper  “Compact Markov-Modulated Models for Multiclass Trace Fitting“ by G. Casale, A. Sansottera, P. Cremonesi has been accepted in INFORMS European J. of Operational Research (EJOR). The paper introduces some of the algorithms introduced in the M3A toolbox, a library of scripts for fitting marked Markovian Arrival Processes.

JMT 0.9.3 Released!

The JMT team at Politecnico di Milano and Imperial College London have released the latest version of Java Modelling Tools! You can download JMT ver 0.9.3 at this link. The JSIMgraph simulator has a more powerful support for fork-join strategies and runs much faster on models with several queues.

Best paper award at ACM/SPEC ICPE 2016

Our paper Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Closed Queueing Network Demands from Queue Length Data;, co-authored by W. Wang, G. Casale, A. Kattepur and M. Nambiar has received the best paper award at ICPE2016, the IEEE International Conference on Performance Engineering! The paper proposes maximum likelihood (ML) estimators for service demands in closed queueing networks with… Read more »

Paper accepted in ACM TOMACS

Our paper “A Bayesian Approach to Parameter Inference in Queueing Networks” coauthored by Weikun Wang, Giuliano Casale and Charles Sutton has been accepted for publication in ACM Transactions on Computer Modeling and Simulation (TOMACS). This is the journal extension of our MASCOTS’13 paper.

JMT 0.9.2 released!

After a long wait of more than a year and a half, in which the JMT teams at Politecnico di Milano and Imperial College London worked a lot on improving the tool, Java Modelling Tools version 0.9.2 has now been finally released! A list of new features and changes from the previous release is available… Read more »

Best paper award at IEEE ICCAC

Our paper Autonomic Provisioning and Application Mapping on Spot Cloud Resources;, co-authored by D. Dubois and G. Casale, has received the best paper award at ICCAC2015, the IEEE International Conference on Cloud and Autonomic Computing! The paper proposes a deployment model for cloud applications based on the notion of random environment. The random environment is… Read more »

Best paper award at IEEE CLOUD

Our paper “Less can be More: micro-Managing VMs in Amazon EC2” by Jiawei Wen, Lei Lu, Giuliano Casale, Evgenia Smirni has won the best paper award at IEEE CLOUD 2015!

Accepted paper at CNSM 2015

The paper “Experiments or Simulation? A Characterization of Evaluation Methods for In-Memory Databases” by Karsten Molka and Giuliano Casale has been accepted for full paper presentation at IFIP/IEEE CNSM 2015. The paper compares the applicability of response surface methods and queueing network simulation in performance assessment of in-memory databases, based on an extensive experimental study on SAP… Read more »

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