• If English is your first language, my Italian name is probably difficult to pronounce and spell. If you want to learn how to pronounce my name, this website has an audio recording, please check out the recording by the user stkiddo.
  • My ha-index is 93
  • I was born in the beautiful city of Pavia at the south-west of Lombardy in northern Italy. If you are travelling to Milan or to the lakes nearby, why not stop off in Pavia? It is a renowned rice and wine production area with a big castle and the beautiful Ticino river park. Few know that Pavia was the capital of Italy under the Lombard Kingdom, for about 200 years. Since then, Milan has surpassed Pavia as the capital of the region, but fortunately Pavia has remained the best city to live in Lombardy.
  • What can be better after a full day of science than going home and relaxing with more and more science? I am an avid particle physics blog reader, and recommend these blogs: Tommaso Dorigo’s blog, Not Even Wrong by Peter Woit, and Matt Strassler’s blog.