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It is a great honour and privilege to be able to serve as Chair of ACM SIGMETRICS for the next two years. I am thankful to all our SIG members who engaged in the electoral process. If you want to share your ideas on how to improve our community and conference, please feel free to… Read more »

First official release of LINE 2.0.0

After 600 days of development, the first official stable release of LINE 2.0.0 is out! Official website Sourceforge Github MATLAB FileExchange YouTube

Best demo award at ICPE 2019

My demo presentation of LINE 2.0.0 has won the best demo award at ICPE 2019! Here are my demo slides. It was great to see interest in the ICPE community for this tool and I hope to follow-up with colleagues to support their needs as we evolve this project.

ACM TOMPECS editorial board

I am honoured and pleased to join the editorial board of ACM TOMPECS, a recently established ACM journal that publishes refereed articles on all aspects of the modeling, analysis, and performance evaluation of computing and communication systems. Please consider submitting your work!

New project on Function-as-a-Service

RADON is an upcoming new H2020 project on software engineering for serverless computing, set to start in early 2019. The consortium consists of 4 universities (Imperial, JADS, U. Stuttgart, and U. Tartu) and 4 companies (ATC, Engineering, XLAB, and Praqma). I will be serving as project coordinator. Here is an abstract for the project work plan: Emerging… Read more »

TNSM Special Issue on Big Data Analytics for Management 2019

I am co-organizer of an upcoming special issue on Novel Techniques in Big Data Analytics for Management to appear in IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management in 2019.  The objective of the special issue is to attract the latest development in applications of analytics, machine learning and AI to management. Important dates: Paper submission date: November… Read more »

Paper accepted in IEEE INFOCOM 2018

My paper “Analyzing replacement policies in list-based caches with non-uniform access costs” has been accepted for publication in IEEE INFOCOM 2018. The paper studies a generalised list-based cache and obtains a second-order asymptotic expansion for the miss rates of RANDOM and FIFO replacement policies.

IEEE TNSM Editorial Board

I am pleased to join this month the IEEE TNSM editorial board as an associate editor. A lot of exciting work in cloud computing and performance engineering is now appearing in TNSM and I look forward to contribute to the selection process. Please consider submitting your work!

Best paper award at ACM Sigmetrics’17

The paper Accelerating Performance Inference over Closed Systems by Asymptotic Methods has won the best paper award at ACM Sigmetrics’17. The paper presents novel formulas and computational algorithms for the normalizing constant of state probability of closed queueing network models. An extended abstract is available here.

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