CO112 Hardware


Week 1 (starting 1st October)
No lectures, no tutorials.
Week 2 (starting 8th October)
11/10 Thursday 12-1 Introduction to Boolean Algebra Lecture Kainz
11/10 Thursday 2-3 Functions  Propositional Calculus, de Morgan’s Theorem Tutorial Kainz
11/10 Thursday 3-4 Gates, Integrated Circuits and Boolean Lecture Kainz
Week 3 (starting 15th October)
18/10 Thursday 12-1 Canonical Forms and Karnaugh Maps Lecture Kainz
18/10 Thursday 2-3 Boolean Algebra and Truth Tables Tutorial Kainz
18/10 Thursday 3-4 Combinational Circuit Design Lecture Kainz
Week 4 (starting 22nd October)
25/10 Thursday 12-1 Physical Realisation of Boolean gates Lecture Kainz
25/10 Thursday 2-3 Karnaugh Maps Tutorial Kainz
25/10 Thursday 3-4 Physical Time-Dependent Behaviour of Digital Circuits and Feedback Lecture Kainz
Coursework Task 1:  Combinatorial Circuit Design
Week 5 (starting 29th October)
01/11 Thursday 12-1 Introduction to Sequential Circuits and Flip Flops Lecture Kainz
01/11 Thursday 2-3 Timing in Logic Circuits Tutorial Kainz
01/11 Thursday 3-4 Synchronous Digital Systems Lecture Kainz
Week 6 (starting 5th November)
08/11 Thursday 12-1 Finite State representation of Digital Circuits Lecture Schuller
08/11 Thursday 2-3 Two mode counter design Tutorial Schuller
08/11 Thursday 3-4 Traffic Lights – a design example Lecture Schuller
Week 7 (starting 12th November)
15/11 Thursday 12-1 Registers Lecture Schuller
15/11 Thursday 2-3 Binary sequence recogniser Tutorial Schuller
15/11 Thursday 3-4 Registers, Multiplexers, Decoders, Comparators  Lecture Schuller
Week 8 (starting 19th November)
22/11 Thursday 12-1 Arithmetic Lecture Schuller
22/11 Thursday 2-3 Binary coded decimal adder Tutorial Schuller
22/11 Thursday 3-4 A Manual Processor Part 1 & 2 Lecture Schuller
Week 9 (starting 26th November)
29/12 Thursday 12-1 A 32 bit Computer Part 1 & 2 Lecture Schuller
29/12 Thursday 2-3 A Manual Processor Tutorial Schuller
29/12 Thursday 3-4 Random Access memory  Lecture Schuller
Coursework Task 2:  Sequential Circuit Design using Quartus (Spring term)



There will be two coursework exercises, one after week 3 and one after the course during the first weeks of spring term. Coursework sheets can be downloaded from CATE. Unique student numbers can be found here.

DIGISIM , created by Prof. Duncan Gillis.

tb_dlock.vhd for coursework 2.

We also provide an online logic gate simulator , created by Erin Ma during her final year project. Please provide feedback if you find bugs or if you have further suggestions.