6) GoSmart — generic open-ended simulation environment for minimally invasive cancer treatment

GO-SMART is an European FP7 ICT-Project started on 01.04.2013 with the end on 31.03.2016. It aims to build a generic open-source software simulation environment for the planning of image guided percutaneous Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatment (MICT).

The environment will allow the Interventional Radiologist (IR) to select the optimal type of MICT by simulating the personalized result of the different treatments and medical protocols in patient specific conditions.

The project’s main objective is to create an open-end software framework and simulation environment for Minimally-Invasive Cancer Treatment (MICT). The framework will be made accessible for researchers, IRs and the medical industry to support the continuous update of relevant medical data, simulation models and personalized MICT protocols. The framework representation and user interface will support the clinical protocols required to conduct MICT interventions. In particular, it will provide:

  • A new open-end extendable data and simulation model repository for MICTs.
  • Multi-scale numerical models for tumor cell death induced by different types of MICT.
  • Unified image analysis software which enables seamless workflow creation and evaluation.
  • Real-time multi-dimensional visualization of medical content.
  • Multi-scale mesh refinement for simulation results combined with flexible user interfaces.
  • Standards for MICTs, medical data and instruments which allow user driven cross validation and benchmarking.

More information can be found on the GoSmart website and the online simulation environment.


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