Department of Computing,
Imperial College London
180 Queen’s Gate
London SW7 2AZ
United Kingdom

tel: (+44) 20 7594 8368,   fax: (+44) 20 75818024
email: S dot Drossopoulou at imperial dt ac dot uk

Also unofficial member of the Verona Project.  

Green  Concerns  Blog     Τὸ τῷ σμήνει μὴ συμφέρον οὐδὲ τῇ μελίσσῃ συμφέρει.
                                                    (The detrimental to the swarm, is also detrimental to the bee.)
                                                    Marcus Aurelius
, Meditations

Dahl-Nygaard Senior Prize  for 2023, will be awarded at ECOOP, July 2023.

Selected Recent Talks

Pony: Actors, Causality, Types and Garbage Collection
QCon, London, March 2020

Holistic Specifications for Robust Programs (talk)
November 2018, Codemesch London

Pony for Safe, Fast, Concurrent Programs
November 2017Codemesh, and May 2017 PLISS part1 and part 2

Towards Reasoning about Risk and Trust in the open world
March 2016, Google Palo Alto
Specifying Attenuation
OCAP/OOPSLA Vancouver 2017

Developing Inductive Proofs in Dafny
MSR Seattle, May 2013