Multispectral Light Stage

Multispectral Light Stage

Christos Kampouris                         Abhijeet Ghosh

Imperial College London

Fig. 1:  Realistic Graphics & Imaging group’s multispectral LED sphere consisting of 168 RGB and white (W+) LED lamps. The LED sphere can be employed for controlled appearance measurements as well as realistic lighting reproduction.

Abstract: We have built a multispectral light stage (LED sphere) consisting of 168 RGB and color temperature controllable white (W+) lamps, respectively. The light stage is powered with off-the-shelf programmable MR16 lamps from Philips Colorkinetics: 168 iColor MR gen3 lamps for RGB illumination, and 168 iW MR gen3 lamps for color temperature controllable white (2700K – 5700K) illumination. The design is heavily inspired by various light stages developed by Paul Debevec and colleagues at USC-ICT, particularly Light Stages 3, 5 and X. However, unlike a typical geodesic (subdivided icosahedron) structure, our light stage metal (steel) structure (2.5 meter diameter) has been fabricated along spherical coordinates with latitude-longitude profiles for a simplified wiring and Ethernet-based control layout for the LED lamps. The light stage can be employed for both controlled appearance measurements as well as realistic lighting reproduction applications.

 Publication: ICL Multispectral Light Stage: building a versatile LED sphere using off-the-shelf components. Christos Kampouris and Abhijeet Ghosh. To appear in Proc. of Eurographics Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling (MAM), July 2018.

 Achnowledgments: Husheng Deng, Alix Feniès

 Light stage Demo at BMCV 2017:


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