Student Paper
Konstantinos Boikos Semi-dense SLAM on an FPGA-SoC
Salvatore Dipietro A Cassandra Queuing Model
Panagiotis Garefalakis Towards Efficient Scheduling for Long Running Applications
Sofia Ira Ktena Comparison of Brain Networks with Unknown Correspondences
Adrian Millea Natural Boltzmann Machines
Nicholaos Miscourides Chemical Sensing Platforms based on ISFET Current-Mode Arrays
Nicolas Moser A Self-Calibrated Ion Imaging ISFET Array with In-Pixel Quantisation
Christian Priebe Semi-Automatic Application Partitioning for the Execution in Trusted Execution Environments
Nadesh Ramanathan Dynamic Load-Balancing for Irregular Applications on FPGAs via Work-stealing
Adrien Rapeaux A Neural Stimulator that provides Pro-prioceptive Feedback
Julian Sutherland Modular Termination Verification for Blocking and Non-Blocking Concurrent Programs
James Stanley Targett Performance Improvements from Reducing Precision in a Chaotic System
Antoine Toisoul Practical Acquisition and Rendering of Diffraction Effects in Surface Reflectance
Emanuele Vespa Fast Volumetric Fusion based on Octrees with
Automatic Surface Evaluation