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Dr Babu Choudhary

Techcelerate Fellow


Babu is passionate about developing new technologies having transformative potential. Currently, He is involved in the further development of the CogniSenseTM technology which lets you monitor machines using RF signal non-invasively, and we believe this is set to revolutionize the Industrial IoT space.

So far, the predictive maintenance is not a reality. There is enough algorithmic intelligence but not enough data to feed. For collecting the data, machines need to be instrumented with sensors, which is a daunting task due to the hassles of wiring & packaging. CogniSense is a unique and promising technology based on following two patents.

  • CogniSenseTM Patent: Babu D. Choudhary, Julie A. McCann, “An apparatus and method for generating a motional signature indicative of motion of moving parts of a target machine”. (WO2018007790A1, Filing Date: 8 July 2016)
  • PhysioGram Patent: Babu D. Choudhary, Julie A. McCann, “A method and apparatus for Motional, Structural and Compositional characterization of a Physical System using Radio signal”.

This is the outcome of Babu’s PhD research, which has resulted in a Spin-Out with the support of Imperial Innovations Ltd. It is currently in development at TRL-4, and has received significant interest from a range of industries; which has helped us to raise £200,000 seed funding so far. This was covered by Digital-Catapult during Smart Factory Expo 2017 in Liverpool, UK (see here).

Babu’s PhD research was about how we can do Sensing without Sensors using RF signal. His expertise is around Signal Processing, Wireless Communication and Systems Modelling.

Everything interacting with the wireless signal imprints its footprint upon the signal, which is mostly discarded as noise in communication. How can we derive knowledge of the environment from this noise and, effectively accomplish Sensing without Sensors non-invasively. Babu is primarily interested in developing novel technologies with real-world implications harvesting this concept.

Babu is a curiosity-driven researcher, and often navigates across the boundaries of disciplines in order to derive the in-depth unifying understanding of systems, and always eager to understand everything with the first principle and, find it exciting where rational understanding falters.

He has been working with Prof. Julie A. McCann since Aug. 2011 as an RA on various projects namely FUSE (funded by NERC), CubeSat (funded by UK Space Ajency), ICT Labs (funded by EIT) etc. and, he is also pursuing his PhD. under her supervision. Prior to joining AESE group, Babu has graduated with a B.Tech in Information Technology from IIIT Allahabad, India in 2007.

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Here is a pictorial view of his research depicting how this research could be used for soil-sensing and machine monitoring.