RF Sensing

Sensing Without Sensors

RF Sensing is a suite of projects that make use of everyday radio, traditionally used to relay sensor data back to servers, to not only communicate data but act as a sensor in themselves. To this end, we have designed RF sensors that can determine the speed of any rotation machine at a distance (CogniSense) which can be used to do condition monitoring, we are able to establish volumes of juice in fruits (SING) which can provide early indicators of growth and potential yields, we can use RF to monitor Drone blades and feed this into the flight control system to make it more reliable and at the same time do condition monitoring, and finally we can monitor patients lungs for potential pneumonia condition alerts.


Identifying the electromagnetic signature on the propagating RF signal to extract different machine properties

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Drone Self-Monitoring

Integrating RF sensing with other drone sensors to provide more reliable performance in critical cases

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Sensing in Grapes (SING)

Estimating the moisture content inside agricultural products through the analysis of dielectric properties

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