CPS-Ctrl: Reliable Distributed adaptive Control for Next Generation Cyber-physical Systems

Next generation smart cities, manufacturing 4.0, smart buildings, driverless vehicles, precision agriculture etc. will go beyond sophisticated telemetry and will enable automatic distributed control. That is, we will move beyond merely understanding people, places and things via sensing and analysis to being able to close the loop and provide more automation. It is our premise that there are a number of smart systems applications that require high precision sensing from a heterogeneous collection of sensor devices to establish an accurate and timely understanding of that systems’ state. The extreme complexity of analytics required to process these volumes of data limits what can be understood about the system in real-time. Yet, this real time analytics is what is required to enable automatic control. The only way to overcome this problem is to reduce the dimensionality by reducing the data and therefore the challenge is to do this without losing information. The overarching aim of this project is to better understand cyber-physical systems such as next generation water distribution networks and smart cities and to better control them through the development of integrated self-adaptive protocols that support distributed and collaborative analysis, prediction, and control using remote terminal units and servers and which provides guarantees pertaining to: reliability, stability, convergence, and security.