Welcome to the website of the Research Cluster in Verification and Testing at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London. We hope this site provides you with key information about our groups and encourages you to engage with us.

Imperial has excellent research groups working on the verification and testing of programming languages, led by:  Gardner, developing  theory and tools for reasoning about web programs and concurrent programs, based on separation logic; Donaldson, developing tractable verification tools for GPU verification; Cadar, developing practical techniques for improving the reliability and security of software systems; plus  a number of academics working on programming languages in general.

Our current research areas:

Our research is supported by grant income from public bodies such as EPSRC, EU, GCHQ and generous contributions from industry. Our current research income (> £7 million) is providing us with a sustainable environment to attract and retain high calibre researchers and PhD students. Please see the Department’s PhD programme and the Centre for Doctoral Training – HiPEDS for information on PhD opportunities in software analysis, verification and testing fields.

We actively collaborate with academic and research institutes, industry and government departments both in the UK and internationally. Some of our collaborators include Microsoft Research, Mozilla Foundation, KU Leuven, INRIA, Google, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, ARM, Intel Labs, UCL.

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