SmartHeart kick-off meeting held

The Kick-off meeting for SmartHeart was held on Friday 3 March at Imperial College London. SmartHeart’s ambitious vision is to pave the way for a radical new approach by which cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are diagnosed, monitored and treated: a diagnosis-driven … Continued

Scientific Advisory Board

The SmartHeart team have established an independent and external Scientific Advisory Board to provide advice, support and guidance to the research team. The SAB meets annually to evaluate progress and provide feedback on research plans, acting as a ‘critical mentor’ … Continued

Contact Us

We are happy to respond to any questions or requests for more information about this project. Please send all enquiries to: Katherine Bellenie – SmartHeart Project Manager, Imperial College London Department of Computing Huxley Building 180 Queen’s Gate South Kensington … Continued

Research Teams

The SmartHeart team of investigators have a long track record of collaboration. They bring together a unique combination of technical expertise in medical imaging and machine learning, and clinical expertise in cardiovascular diseases.

About The Project

The goal of the SmartHeart research programme is to develop a radically new approach for how cardiovascular diseases are diagnosed, monitored and treated. We plan to develop a “smart” Magnetic Resonance (MR) scanner that is not only an imaging device, … Continued

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for SmartHeart, led by Imperial College London Imperial College London (“we” or the “College”) provide various newsletters via email about our activities, services and achievements. This privacy notice explains how we use your personal data when you sign up … Continued


SmartHeart publications   Journal Papers   Zheng Q., Delingettea H., Fung K., Petersen S.E. and Ayache N. (2019 ) Unsupervised shape and motion analysis of 3822 cardiac 4D MRIs of UK Biobank. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, in press. arXiv:1902.05811 … Continued