Dr Dimos Tzoumanikas

Congrats to Dimos, who now has been awarded the doctoral degree! Lucky for SRL, he’s staying as a post-doc for a little bit.

RSS 2020 Paper on Aerial Writing!

Excited about this RSS 2020 paper with Dimos Tzoumanikas, Felix Graule, Cheryl Yan, Dhruv Shah and Marija Popovic. We propose a hybrid force and position Nonlinear Model-Predictive Controller (NMPC) for aerial manipulation showcased by a drone writing on a whiteboard. Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.02116.pdf

ICRA 2020 papers

The Smart Robotics Lab will be presenting two ICRA 2020 papers: Nonlinear MPC with Motor Failure Identification and Recovery forSafe and Aggressive Multicopter Flight paper | video Fast Frontier-based Information-driven Autonomous Exploration with an MAV paper | video Also, with the Dyson Robotics Lab, there are two more ICRA papers and

Welcome Masha!

We are very happy to welcome Masha Popovic to the team, joining us after finishing her PhD at ETH Zurich’s ASL!

3DV paper on adaptive-resolution volumetric SLAM

I am excited about our 3DV paper on adaptive-resolution octree-based volumetric SLAM (Emanuele Vespa, Nils Funk, Paul H. J. Kelly, and Stefan Leutenegger): in both the tracking step (ICP) as well as the map fusion, we can choose the voxel resolution adaptively to match the pixel size, whereby the representations at different scales are kept… Read more »

ICCV Workshop on “The Future of SLAM”

At ICCV 2015, Andy and I organised a workshop on “The Future of Real-Time SLAM: Sensors, Processors, Representations, and Algorithms”. Details and slides can be found here.

BRISK Version 2

BRISK Version 2 with shorter descriptors, higher speed and compatibility with OpenCV version 3 is available: see software!

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