Rerendering Landscape Photographs

European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP) 2014

SIGGRAPH 2014 poster

Pu Wang            Diana Bicazan           Abhijeet Ghosh

Imperial College London


Figure 1: Rerenderings based on estimated depth (a-c) and albedo (d-f).

Abstract: We present a practical approach for realistic rerendering of landscape photographs. We extract a view dependent depth map from single input landscape images by examining global and local pixel color distributions and demonstrate applications of depth dependent rendering such as novel viewpoints, digital refocusing and dehazing. We also present a simple approach to relight the input landscape photograph under novel sky illumination. Here, we assume diffuse reflectance and relight landscapes by estimating the irradiance due the sky in the input photograph. Finally, we also take into account specular reflections on water surfaces which are common in landscape photography and demonstrate a semiautomatic process for relighting scenes with still water.


Publication: Rerendering Landscape Photographs. Pu Wang, Diana Bicazan, Abhijeet Ghosh. European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP), 2014.

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