On-site Example-based Material Appearance Acquisition

Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (EGSR) 2019

Yiming Lin                    Pieter Peers*            Abhijeet Ghosh

Imperial College London

College of William & Mary*

Fig. 1: Example-based material appearance estimation of a blue faux leather purse in an outdoor environment. (a) Input HDR photograph of the exemplar. (b) Corresponding light probe. (c) A sphere rendered under the same illumination with the estimated BRDF. (d) Synthesized master tile of the material’s mesostructure: top – surface normals, bottom – specular reflection occlusion. (e) Rendering with both the estimated BRDF plus synthesized mesostructure details.

Abstract: We present a novel example-based material appearance modeling method suitable for rapid digital content creation. Our method only requires a single HDR photograph of a homogeneous isotropic dielectric exemplar object under known natural illumination. While conventional methods for appearance modeling require prior knowledge on the object shape, our method does not, nor does it recover the shape, greatly simplifying the on-site appearance acquisition to a lightweight photography process suited for non-expert users. As our central contribution, we propose a shape-agnostic BRDF estimation procedure based on binary RGB profile matching. We also model the appearance of materials exhibiting a regular or stationary texture-like appearance, by synthesizing appropriate mesostructure from the same input HDR photograph and a mesostructure exemplar with (roughly) similar features. We believe our method for on-site shape-agnostic appearance acquisition presents a suitable alternative for a variety of applications that require plausible “rapid-appearance-modeling”.

Publication: On-site Example-based Material Appearance Acquisition.  Yiming Lin, Pieter Peers, Abhijeet Ghosh. Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EGSR), 38(4), 2019.

Supplementary Material: Supplementary Material.

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