Multispectral Light Stage

Multispectral LED Sphere, August 2017

Christos Kampouris             Husheng Deng              Alix Feniès            Abhijeet Ghosh

Imperial College London

Fig. 1:  Realistic Graphics & Imaging group’s multispectral LED sphere consisting of 168 RGB and white (W+) LED lamps. The LED sphere can be employed for controlled appearance measurements as well as realistic lighting reproduction.

Abstract: We have built a multispectral light stage (LED sphere) consisting of 168 RGB and color temperature controllable white (W+) lamps, respectively. The light stage is powered with off-the-shelf programmable MR16 lamps from Philips Colorkinetics: 168 iColor MR gen3 lamps for RGB illumination, and 168 iW MR gen3 lamps for color temperature controllable white (2700K – 5700K) illumination. The design is heavily inspired by various light stages developed by Paul Debevec and colleagues at USC-ICT, particularly Light Stages 3, 5 and X. However, unlike a typical geodesic (subdivided icosahedron) structure, our light stage metal (steel) structure (2.5 meter diameter) has been fabricated along spherical coordinates with latitude-longitude profiles for a simplified wiring and Ethernet-based control layout for the LED lamps. The light stage can be employed for both controlled appearance measurements as well as realistic lighting reproduction applications.

 Light stage Demo at BMCV 2017:


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